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Isle of Man Classic T.T. Junior Race. Bill Swallow rounds The Bungalow aboard Eldee 2 during practice. A2 Landscape Poster. Photo Credit: Russell Lee/Sport-pics

2014 Eldee 2 at I.O.M Classic TT Journal

Feature Image: Isle of Man Classic T.T. Junior Race. Bill Swallow rounds The Bungalow during practice. Photo Credit: Russell Lee/Sport-pics. Written by Nick Thomson, November 2014.

Travel itinerary map, Christchurch to Isle Of Man.I DELIVERED ELDEE-2’s new aluminium crate to Lucas Palmer at Auckland Airport with assistance from Ken Macintosh a few weeks before the Manx. At 280 kg, it was packed with all the tools and spares we could think of including the original Eldee 2 motor. It took 36 hours to get to the U.K. where it was received by Andy Farrow who kindly delivered it to a depot in Somerset where Velocette Owners Club member Will Wells picked it up.
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1-2-3 ELDEE


Words: Chris Swallow  |  Photos: see credits in footer

EVERY NOW AND THEN you see a project that takes on a life of it’s own. The story of Eldee is part of NZ’s racing folklore. The twist is that a dedicated bunch of enthusiasts, including our classic man, Chris Swallow, have serious plans afoot—but they might need a wee bit of help… FB Mondial Logo

NOT SO EAGLE eyed observers visiting the Honda museum in Motegi, Japan  will notice soon after paying their yen there is a racing motorcycle devoid of the familiar winged Honda vector. The emblem is distinctly Italian and proudly informs that you are ogling over a ‘FB MÒNDIAL’: made 1957, Milan by the Counts Bosselli (‘FB’ being Fratelli Boselli or Bosseli Brothers) and their firm Mondial. It is a gear driven double overhead cam (DOHC) 125cc Single Cylinder Grand Prix motorcycle, brought by one Soichiro Honda, direct from Count Boselli shortly after it won the 1957 World Title. Italian F. B. Mondial Bialbero 125cc works race bike, double overhead camshaft1957 was the year the Italians (with the exception of MV Agusta) all pulled out of Grand Prix racing due to the cost of it all; prior to this they had been leading exponents of high revs, high performance and high reliability; characteristics clearly endearing to Mr. Honda and his fledgling motor company.

31 Les Diener, 15 Alan Burt, Mildura Grand Prix, Velocette, South Australia

Les Diener was a racer and a brilliant engineer.
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Twin Britten action at Hampton Downs Classic

Andrew Stroud chucks the Britten V1000 round Turn 10

“Getting into the groove with it…” Andrew Stroud chucks the Britten V1000 round Turn 10, the fastest sweeper on the Hampton Downs circuit, aboard the Kevin Grant-owned 1995 B.E.A.R.S winning Britten. Stroud won the Battle-of-the-Twins at Daytona on Britten superbikes in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. Stroud and Stephen Briggs raced for two separate Britten teams in the 1995 B.E.A.R.S event. They recorded a 1-2 finish in the race after lapping almost half the field.
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21 August, 2014. Chris Swallow, Nick Thompson, Bill Swallow and the Eldee TT 250cc Velocette Special on hold in Pit Lane, Isle of Man.

Eldee 2, ‘Phil Read’ Classic TT trophy race report


Tuesday 26 August, 2014. The Eldee 2 was competing for the 250cc ‘Phil Read’ Classic TT trophy in a shortened 3 lap race that combined the 250s race with the Okells 350cc Race on the Isle of Man. The team congratulates Tom Jackson, on the T20 Suzuki, who was awarded the ‘Phil Read’ Classic TT Trophy as the first 250cc machine, and also acknowledge his achievement finishing in 20th position out of 45 finishers (and 62 starters)  in a mixed 250 &  350cc field. The Eldee Velocette developed two unexpected problems in the race;

  • The rear wheel became tight for some as yet unexplained reason and
  • the magneto gear stripped a few teeth clean off.

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Eldee Velocette, front three-quarter, poster, A2, portrait, Craftsmanship, mock-up

Unveiling the new Eldee 2—The launch announcement

Bill Swallow, Eldee Velocette, Eldee-2, portraitJULY 31, 2014, CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND. The V.R.N.Z team is proud to announce the launch of the new Nick Thomson DOHC [1], Dual Ignition Eldee 2, the 250cc lightweight special is equipped and ready for the Isle of Man Classic T.T., August 2014. Our rider, multiple Manx Grand Prix race winner Bill Swallow, will be competing for the new 250cc class Phil Read Trophy (the new Phil Read Trophy, will go to the first 250cc machine in the Monday’s Okells 350cc Classic TT Race). Bill Swallow is to ride the Eldee Special in the Junior Classic, 25th August. Bill still holds the record for fastest ever average laps around the Isle of Man circuit on single cylinder machines: 1998, 250cc Aermacchi, 98mph (157.72 km/hr). 1996 350cc Aermacchi, 102.23 mph (164.5 km/hr). 1999, 500cc Manx Norton, 108.03mph (173.86 km/hr). At this proud milestone in the campaign we’d also like to express our gratitude to our sponsors and supporters, listed at the foot of the page.
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Les Diener, Eldee Special, Eldee Velocette, Eldee-2, Bill Swallow, Illustration Shaun Waugh

Megaphone mag ad Eldee 2 Classic TT 2014

Bill Swallow, Eldee Velocette, Eldee-2, portraitHi, this is the kick-start of the brand new Velocette Racing New Zealand website and blog. The site has been established as the information and promotion arm of our Eldee Special Isle of Man Classic T.T. campaign—where our rider, multiple Manx Grand Prix race winner Bill Swallow, is to race the Eldee Velocette at the Classic TT races, I.O.M, August 25th 2014 and compete for the new 250cc class Phil Read Trophy.
The full-noise about the project to get the fastest Velocette Lightweight Special from downunder to the Isle of Man is on the Velocette Racing Home and About Eldee IOM Page. I should also clarify that the Eldee Special ‘Eldee 2’ was designed and built in South Australia by Les Diener in the 50s, while it has now being successfully raced by the Velocette Racing New Zealand team in the 20-teens for the past two years.
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