Peter Butterworth, 1928 Velocette KTT,


EVERY MOTORCYCLIST has that particular brand of motorcycle that he will defend to the last nut and bolt against all comers. To Peter Butterworth it is the Velocette and for the last 63 years he has been proving their worth in competition all over the North Island. He’s ridden on the beach, the road circuit and the dirt but although his main ambition was to ride speedway he never did. “I don’t know why I didn’t probably because I didn’t have the time or the money,” he said. A member of the Auckland Motorcycle Club since 1951 and now a life member, he first started racing in 1953. The machine he chose to begin on was a 200 cc two stroke Francis Barnett. It was aboard this bike that he got his first taste of competition on the Miniature TT circuit in the Auckland-Hamilton area. More >>

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Bill Swallow, Norton, Pukekohe, NZCMRR, Classic Motorcycle Racing


Yorkshire-rose-64YORKSHIREMAN BILL SWALLOW STILL holds the fastest ever average laps around the Isle of Man circuit on single cylinder machines: 1998, 250cc Aermacchi, 98 mph, 1996, 350cc Aermacchi, 102.23 mph. 1999, 500cc Manx Norton, 108.03 mph. Bill has won seven Classic Manx Grand Prix Races and is the lap and race record holder for the 350cc Class. In the TT Races in 1998 he won a silver replica for 13th place overall in the Lightweight Race (fourth 400cc rider), in 1999 he won a silver for 2nd in the Singles TT and a bronze for 10th in the Lightweight 400. He has lapped the course at 110mph and his ambition is a Singles win and a top three place in the 400cc Race with a lap at 112mph. More >>

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Nick Thompson, Velocette KTT 350, Pits


WELLINGTON VELO MAN Nick Thomson continues the tradition of many fine mechanics and engineers who have worked on Velocette motorcycles. Nick Thomson, Eldee Velocette, special casing, train of nine spur gears, special casing Re-creation of the Eldee camshaft drivetrain >>

Chris Swallow, Portrait


IT WAS THE THRILL of racing at the jump-laden, narrow, tree lined and historic Oliver’s Mount circuit in Scarborough, 2006, that first advanced my thoughts of racing on the Isle of Man TT circuit. Grandad, Ken, raced in the first post-war Manx Grand Prix on his 350cc Norton, then returned to the Island every year until 1955, ‘graduating’ to the TT in 1952 on a Norton, 7R and later a Matchless G45. Dad, Bill, and his brothers Richard and Alec were clearly seduced by the Castrol R rich Manx air they inhaled as awestruck youth, as they too have all made racing pilgrimages to Mona’s Isle. Between them Bill and Richard have fourteen Manx Grand Prix victories and numerous podiums to their names. I have great childhood memories of straining on tiptoes to see over the pit wall and witness these achievements before darting beneath security guards into the winner’s enclosure for big hugs amidst the heady heat and smells of cooling racing motorcycles. I always figured I would race there; it was just a matter of when. —Chris Swallow “The allure of Manx”, New Zealand BSA owners club. Slideshow of Chris racing at Pukekohe Feb 2012 >>

Andrew Drake, Velocette Venom, Pukekohe Classic Motorcycle Racing Festival, 2012, NZCMRR


RENOWNED VELO RACER IN THE NZCMRR Classic Motorcycle Racing series, Andrew Drake is a regularly seen flying Nick Thomson’s Venom (a.k.a The World’s Fastest Velocette) and merging with his own, none-too-shabby, chrome and gold, Velocette Mac.

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IN COMMON WITH MANY of the Velocette Racing New Zealand crew, Christchurch Velo man Phil Price has had a passion for owning and racing Velocettes in the NZCMRR series since he was in short pants.

Phil Price, portrait, 500cc Velocette Venom Thruxton

Phil Price with his first racing Velo, a 500cc Venom Thruxton.

In 2013 Phil was placed 1st in the NZCMRR 0-250cc Pre 1963 Clubmans Class aboard this one of the Joyce brothers’ 250cc MOV pair.

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