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Eldee-2 Teeshirts

OUR THREE EXCITING new teeshirt designs are designed in New Zealand by MagentaDot Brands and hand screenprinted right here in Christchurch,  by the clever people at Global Culture.

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Eldee Velocette, front three-quarter, red, poster, A2, Performance, Portrait, mock-up

Eldee 2 ‘Performance’ poster

THE FIRST POSTER in the campaign is the A2, portrait format, Eldee Velocette ‘Performance’ poster. The bold design commemorates the ‘equipped and race-ready’ launch of the T.T. equipped Eldee 2 in July 2014. The design is inspired by the bold 1961 Venom ‘100mph for over 24 hours’ poster.

Eldee Velocette, side elevation, poster, A2, landscape, Quality built, mock-up

Eldee 2 ‘Quality built’ poster

THE ‘QUALITY BUILT’ Eldee Velocette A2 landscape format poster features a side elevation of the Eldee 2, T.T. equipped and race-ready, and the Manx 3 legs heraldic emblem in the background. The design inspired by Velocette sales catalogues/brochures from the 1950s and 60s.

Eldee Velocette, front three-quarter, poster, A2, portrait, Craftsmanship, mock-up

Eldee 2 ‘Craftsmanship’ poster

ELDEE VELOCETTE ‘CRAFTSMANSHIP’ launch poster featuring a curvaceous front three-quarter view of the Eldee 2 T.T. equipped and ready to race. The poster is A2 portrait size. The photo was shot at Nick Thomson’s workshop in Wellington on July 9th 2014, immediately after the racing machine was equipped with its new, aerodynamic carbon fibre seat, petrol tank and fairing for the very first time .  The design is inspired by the 1933 Velocette Sales Catalogue cover

Eldee 2, Velocette, launch poster, A3, mockup

Eldee 2, T.T. ‘Equipped and ready’ poster

ELDEE 2, T.T. ‘EQUIPPED AND READY’ commemorative launch poster, A3 & A2 landscape size. This design features Eldee 2s rider Bill Swallow and contains the official credits list of our valued campaign sponsors.

Eldee 2, Velocette, a lightweight of distinction, launch poster, infographic, A3, mockup

Eldee 2 ‘Lightweight of distinction’ poster

ELDEE 2 ‘LIGHTWEIGHT OF DISTINCTION’ launch infographic poster. A3 & A2 landscape size. The poster contains the full noise ‘race ready and equipped’ bike specifications direct from our engine man, Nick Thomson.